Services in Spanish / Español

Dear Spanish speaking friend,

I will like you to know that I am a fully bilingual New York Life agent that enjoys conducting seminars, phone calls, and virtual / personal meetings in Spanish.   

During my 24 year career in the financial services industry, I have worked with clients with a diverse cultural background which often involved unique situations including: having a global family, multi-regional assets, transition of assets, and businesses to the next generation.  Customers looking to leave a legacy and/or secure their hard-earned U.S. dollars in retirement income can do this while they enjoy their lifestyles in their countries of origin.

My Spanish speaking customers had often expressed appreciation after being able to interact with me.  Not only because I speak their language, but most importantly because I can clearly understand their goals and concerns without the need of an interpreter. 

As a New York Life agent, I want to be a resource to my Spanish speaking clients. 

Couples and even some business partners speak a different language.  If only one of them explains their concerns and makes decisions for them both, it is something that may end up in some disagreement down the road.  As a bilingual agent, I take the additional time to listen to all the parties involved and present my findings, concepts, and possible solutions both in English and Spanish, which often results in an adequate experience for everyone involved.

If you have been looking for that type of agent, you have probably found it. I look forward to being of service to you and your loved ones.  


Jorge E. Orozco





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